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Virgin Media Broadband, Virgin Digital TV and Virgin Phone;
The future is bursting with fresh entertainment and communication possibilities and thats why Virgin Media are here, to bring all the excitement to you.

Virgin media is the first company to offer customers digital TV, broadband, phone and mobiles and are here to make things simpler, fairer and better for customers and with a huge multi million pound launch campaign behind them, you now have the opportunity to join in the fun.

But it's what each of those services brings that's so much more exciting, services like live TV that stops and starts when you want it to, broadband that lets you download as much music as you want and movies as you like, simple phone packages that fit around your life and a mobile phone service that's been voted the UKs best for customer services 6 years in a row.

Virgin Media are aiming to make the whole virgin media experience as effortless as the award winning service their virgin mobile customers have enjoyed for many years

Its oh so simply, TV, broadband, phone mobile, choose one, choose them all its up to you.

Virgin media broadband blisteringly fast broadband on cable, unlimited downloads, total freedom, pick the virgin broadband package that suits you from the following;

Virgin Broadband Size L is £15.00 a month for the first 6 monthswith speeds of up to 10MB.
Virgin Broadband Size XL is £30.00 a month for the first 6 months with speeds of up to 20MB.
Virgin Broadband Size XXL is £50.00 a month for the first 6 months with speeds of up to 50MB.

Virgin media digital TV is crystal clear digital tv with 500 films at your beck and call, stop flicking and start picking with virgin central, TV you control, pick from virgin media's 3 digital TV packages;

Virgin TV size M with over 45 channels, free when taken with virgin media phone.
Virgin TV size L with over 100 channels, £9.00 a month when taken with virgin media phone.
Virgin TV size XL with over 165 channels, £19.50 when taken with virgin phone.

Virgin media phone with virgin phone on cable there is a phone package to suit everyone, you get a phone service that fits your life, with two ways of paying for your calls.

Buy their virgin phone size: M, L or XL packages to fit the calls you make unlimited anytime calls for instance, so you can keep in touch with friends and family when it suits you and you get even more this is the only landline service that comes with free digital TV.

Or if you like to keep things flexible and use your phone like a mobile, buying the minutes you want to use the talk anywhere 200, 400 and 800 tariffs give you a set amount of minutes per month, so you can call any UK landline, mobile or international number any time you like.

Virgin media bundle deals, choose 2 for £20, 3 for £30, 4 for £40 or a very impressive package, the savings you will make are incredible, what's in your bundle? get an all singing, all dancing, all controlling, uploading, downloading bundle from virgin media, whatever you want, you get to choose, and they have made their pricing easy peasy too, so choose 2 for £20, 3 for £30, 4 for £40 or get the works with one of their very impressive packages.

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