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SpendingSpree UK Online Shopping FAQ

• Shop only with companies you can trust, SpendingSpree's current list of trusted UK shops is here. Anyone can set up shop online under almost any name. If you’re not familiar with a merchant, ask for a paper catalog or brochure to get a better idea of their merchandise and services. Also, determine the company’s refund and return policies before you place your order. These should be posted on the company’s Web site.

• Use a secure browser. This is the software you use to navigate the Internet. Your browser should comply with industry security standards, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). These standards scramble the purchase information you send over the Internet, helping to secure your transaction. Most computers come with a browser installed (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer). You also can download some browsers for free over the Internet. You know you are in a secure internet area when a padlock appears in the bottom right hand corner of your screen or when the websites address is proceeded by https, rather than the normal http.

• Keep your password(s) private. Be creative when you establish a password, and never give it to anyone. Avoid using simple names and dates. Instead, use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

• Pay by credit card. Always use credit cards. You get fraud protection with all credit cards. A combination of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the European E-commerce Directive 2002 ensure that all consumers are protected from fraud whenever they use their credit cards. This means that you have the same cover as for products bought over the phone. For example; if someone were to steal your credit card number and use it illegally online, you would you get the same level of protection from your credit card issuer, as if that person had stolen your card from your handbag or wallet. You are also covered when you buy goods from a company that goes bust before the goods can be delivered.

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