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Blockbuster Video;
Blockbuster has a range of 1000's of unlimited DVD rental packages online offering 1, 3 or 5 disc packages that start from just £9.99 per month with no due dates, free 1st class postage and the DVDs are delivered straight to your door, free blockbuster trial now on.

Blockbuster video provides the latest film releases and also gives much more choice from classic titles, interactive game DVDs, music DVDs, foreign films, language DVDs & popular TV series.

Blockbuster UK is not just a video rental store, rental is the main strength of the business, but there are also retail propositions for movies, games, drinks & confectionery.

Blockbuster UK also sells movies & games, both new and pre owned titles, meaning that again you can often find more than the latest new releases and even some hidden treasures.

Launched in 2001, Blockbuster.co.uk is the destination of choice for movie fans in the UK and provides visitors with an effortless and convenient way to rent DVDs from the comfort of their own home.

Blockbuster sends out more discs, and has the fastest turnaround times of any online DVD rental service in the UK In March 06, web user magazine awarded blockbuster the gold standard award for its unlimited DVD rental service stating that blockbuster.co.uk had "an outstanding online service".

As the UKs leading DVD rental company, visitors to the Blockbuster site can do more than just rent movies, wth listings of almost every DVD in the UK, members of Blockbuster can watch movie trailers, read interviews and the latest reviews, signup to receive exclusive newsletters, enter online competitions, take part in movie surveys and rate their favourite DVDs for other members to see.

As in all of their Blockbuster stores, in May 05 blockbuster introduced a great range of ex rental DVDs to the website, priced from just £4.50 including p&p and a 30 day money back guarantee

The first Blockbuster store in the UK opened in March 1989 and the UK is now the largest Blockbuster outside the US, with around 700 stores and about 4.2 million member accounts, blockbuster's goal is to be a complete source for movies.

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